Thursday, April 2, 2020

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Bitcoin Surges to $6,900: What Do Analysts Think Comes Next?

Over the past hour, Bitcoin has continued to rip higher, adding to the 8% in gains registered on April Fool’s Day. As of the...

Bitcoin Leaps to Retest $7,000 But Risks a Major Bull Trap: Here’s Why

Bitcoin prices jumped overnight to retest $7,000 but risked falling into a bull trap as no sound catalyst justified its pump.The benchmark cryptocurrency rose...

Using Bitcoin in Zimbabwe, Part 3 of a Six-Part Documentary Podcast Series

After three weeks of listening, recording and talking bitcoin (BTC) in Africa, podcaster Anita Posch is back in part 3 of her six-part documentary...

Bitcoin Enters Historically Strong Quarter With 3% Price Gain

View Historical data suggests bitcoin could put in a positive performance in the second quarter. Bitcoin is currently trapped in a pennant pattern on the daily...

Bitcoin Forming Another Bullish Breakout Pattern and It Could Rally To $7.2K

Bitcoin is up more than 4% and it broke the key $6,500 resistance area against the US Dollar. BTC price is forming a solid...

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Is Litecoin Leading the Crypto Market Back Toward 2015 Prices?

Litecoin is known for often being among the first altcoins to begin to see growth or decline after a period of sideways trading.

King of the Hill: Top Crypto Investor Explains Why Altcoins Are Highly Risky

As surprising as this may seem, Bitcoin has been underperforming its crypto ilk over the past few weeks; data from CoinMarketCap shows that Bitcoin...

Bitcoin Dominance Could Soar to 90% amid Economic Crisis, Crashing Altcoin Market

More and more traders would dump their altcoin investments to seek shelter in bitcoin amidst a deepening financial crisis, according to Qiao Wang, head...

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Blockchain News

HIVE Blockchain to Double Bitcoin Mining Capacity Through $2.8M Share Deal

A publicly listed bitcoin mining operator is set to double the size of its operations in a multi-million-dollar deal, largely funded through a sale...

Credits Blockchain Startup Announces New Company Development Directions

The Credits project, a worldwide company engaged in the development of solutions based on blockchain technologies, has recently announced the release of a new...

IoT App Nodle Moves From Stellar Blockchain to Polkadot

Another blockchain project is heading to the Polkadot Network. Launched in 2017, Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform Nodle announced it is switching from the Stellar blockchain to...

Ex-State Street Blockchain Team Drops DLT From New Data-Privacy Startup

A group of former State Street blockchain builders are now launching their own company – but with distributed ledgers playing only a minor role. “We...

Crypto Tech News

Ethereum Could “Dive Hard” During Next Selloff Due to Severe Technical Weakness

Ethereum, much like Bitcoin and all other major cryptocurrencies, is currently caught within a bout of range-bound trading that has led it to hover...

Russian Prime Minister Introduces Bill to Allow Fintech Sandboxes, Blockchain Included

The Russian government may soon allow the creation of regulatory sandboxes for companies working on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and distributed ledgers.  Introduced in...

Ethereum Turns ‘Sell’ After This Key Technical Breakdown

Ethereum failed to continue above the $138 and $140 resistance levels against the US Dollar. As a result, ETH price declined below $130 and...

This “Ugly” Technical Formation Could Spell Doom for Ethereum Bears

Ethereum, like Bitcoin and most other major altcoins, has been firmly caught in a consolidation phase over the past few days and weeks, which...

Crypto Scam News

Bitcoin Revolution: Wanna Earn $1,000 a Day? Government Warns About This Scam

A cryptocurrency investment scheme called Bitcoin Revolution has recently garnered interest worldwide with its claim that investors could easily earn over $1,000 a day....

UK Counties Warn of Bitcoin Scams Using Coronavirus as a Hook

U.K residents are being warned against scammers claiming to offer information on locals infected with coronavirus for payments in bitcoin. Local councils from the counties...

SEC Charges Former State Senator Over Digital Asset ‘Scam’

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has pressed charges against a former state senator for his role in a $4.3 million token sale that...

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The major, traditional news outlets don’t really “get” crypto, and when they do report on it, it’s with a political bent and often outdated.  You can’t rely on a regular news network for current info on cryptocurrencies, especially given the speed with which crypto values rise and fall.  If you invest in cryptocurrencies and want genuine, actionable cryptocurrency news TODAY, then you need a specialist news site and that’s exactly what you get with us.

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We strive to bring you more than rumors, with carefully curated breaking crypto news that reports the facts.  Without bias and clickbait articles, what you get with CryptoRising News is actionable crypto news – NOW!  This means that you can act in confidence to buy, sell or hold your coins and tokens, using real up-to-the-minute information and not speculation or gossip.

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Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency everyone has heard of, and like anything well-known in the mainstream media, you will find many sources using it to get views, rather than provide news.  Follow us for the latest Bitcoin news today, and you will see regular updates every time something relevant happens with Bitcoin.  We vet the stories you see for reliability so that you have solid information and answers that help you to manage your Bitcoins.  If you are new to Bitcoin, our hot off the press news will help you learn as you stay up to date.  Bitcoin moves fast!

We don’t prioritize Bitcoin!  As our name – CryptoRising News suggests, we look at all “rising stars”of the crypto markets; new coins as well as Bitcoin rivals such as Ethereum, Ripple and Dash to name just three.  A smart crypto investor knows that Bitcoin isn’t the only coin worth backing.  We have all the relevant Ethereum news today, and every time Ethereum makes a significant move up or down in value.  If you’re an Eth investor, stick with us for Etherum news that you can act on immediately!  Eth is usually ignored by major news sources, but as a “Rising Crypto Star” it definitely earns it’s place here.

Ethereum rarely makes headlines in the mainstream media, yet it is every bit as exciting as heavy-hitter Bitcoin. Indeed, many people have made a lot of money from their Eth investments, simply because it hasn’t gained the same notoriety. By bringing you all “rising” news about cryptocurrencies, we hope that our readers can invest in other “underdog” coins and tokens and make similar gains.  Crypto markets mimic fiat currency in that there are many hundreds of coins – the online world is not ruled by one coin, any more than the global economy is.  If you think of Bitcoin as being the internet’s US Dollar, then Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Doge and others are the Pound Sterling, AUS Dollar, Yen and Euro, and all worth following.  As any smart investor knows, you cannot understand an entire market off the movement of one item – it’s good to keep track of the interactions between coins that aren’t always in the spotlight.

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When you are into watching the crypto markets, having access to the latest news as it happens really can make a difference.  Crypto markets move FAST!  Today’s latest crypto news might be worthless tomorrow.  That’s why Crypto Rising News readers can trust us to give them breaking crypto news from only legitimate sources, that they can trust.  Don’t put your faith (and your investments) in speculation, or attention-grabbing “news” elsewhere.  We don’t shill for useless coin creators who are trying to buy success – we simply report the unbiased facts of ALL rising crypto coins.

Crypto markets are volatile, and competitive. We aim to be the news site you can trust when it comes to the latest crypto news, and honest Bitcoin news.

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