Friday, August 23, 2019
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You Can Trust Our Latest News On Bitcoin

You asked for the latest Bitcoin news that wasn’t clickbait, rumors or lies and we delivered! Our team quickly source, fact check and verify Bitcoin news and updates as they come in, so that you read ONLY exclusive breaking news on your favorite coin; news you won’t find elsewhere. We strive to ensure every article we post is content-rich, and relevant to the current Bitcoin climate. We have the latest Bitcoin price news and market fluctuations to help you make profitable trades, and stay current with news on forks and new developments to the growing Bitcoin family.

Visit CRN for Bitcoin news today, and future predictions made by experts in fintech. Our intel comes from experienced Bitcoin analysts and investors who have made their fortunes with BTC and want to help you make yours. Along with the latest BTC news, we bring you relevant news in supporting services, such as big names in eCommerce who accept BTC as payment.

It’s true that since Bitcoin became a mainstream interest, it’s fallen out of favor with crypto traders. This is because many feel that Bitcoin is saturated with investors who know nothing about crypto, or blockchain tech. We at CRN believe that Bitcoin offers *everyone* the chance to learn something new, and get into fintech. Yes, even your grandpa! Bitcoin and other coins, along with the virtual world, are a reality that affect us all, regardless of generation and Bitcoin is the first coin to bridge the generation ‘tech gap’. While some feel this dilutes Bitcoin and makes it a risky investment, seasoned analysts believe Bitcoin will go through a period of growth once again as it brings new tech to seniors.

So, don’t give up on Bitcoin just yet! Stay ahead with the latest Bitcoin news at CRN, and catch this notorious coin’s ‘bounceback’ up the markets!