Friday, August 23, 2019
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The Latest Blockchain News With REAL Content

Are you fed up of reading boring,dull blockchain ‘news’,which is mostly self-aggrandizing back-patting from people you’ve never heard of?  You betcha!  Us too!  Which is why the team at CryptoRisingNews source only the kind of blockchain news we want to read; exciting new developments that mean profit for investors. 
Do you care about new blockchain tech and application more than yet another ‘face’ attending some minor meeting with no bearing on cryptomarkets?  Do you want to understand more about what the blockchain is and how it works, rather than go-nowhere vanity ICOs?  You’ve come to the right place.  CRN are passionate about hosting actual news, that makes a difference to crypto prices, blockchain application, and virtual currency development.
We will never shill for ‘potato coins’, or whitewash boring blockchain rumors.  Our team love the potential for blockchain tech as much as you do, and we curate, verify and source only the best and most relevant, exciting content on all things blockchain.  Our focus is on application, development and tech rather than people and personalities as CRN believes in action rather than talk. Don’t come here to read more Q&A or gimmicky interviews with fintech wannabees, you won’t find it among the serious and reputable news from financial analysts, forecasters and blockchain devs.
Forget the buzzwords!  Our ‘fintech’ articles are eat to understand, even for those new to cryptocurrency and blockchain know-how.  We like plain speaking that gives value and knowledge to our readers. Read our news and you can confidently act on your coin investments to buy, sell or trade for maximum profit.  With CRN you get intel ahead of the crowd.  Not just with our fresh blockchain news, but all of our news!