Friday, August 23, 2019
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The Most Relevant of Today's Latest News About Ethereum

CRN hosts the best in Ethereum news today,and every day.  Ethereum has been in BTC’s shadow for the longest time, and has been seen as the ‘budget’ coin for investors who missed getting into Bitcoin when it was affordable.  This is a huge disservice to ETH; follow us daily and you will see subtleties in Ethereum’s rise up the crypto ladder, with our exclusive, content-rich news that focuses on Ethereum as a performance coin to reckon with.
If your eyes have been firmly fixed on BTC, you might have been blind to the steadier graph ETH has made over time, as far as cryptomarket pricing.  While BTC is the chaotic ‘wild child/rockstar’ of crypto, ETH is the silent ninja, growing influence and spreading a solid web of reliability, and service-related value.
More and more real-world companies, including Fortune 500 companies, are integrating Ethereum into their services, or portfolios.  It’s been a marathon for this coin, but one that is paying off for Ethereum’s patient investors.  Now things are developing and changing for Ethereum at lightning speed and relevant, actionable news has become important. The news of today might be too late to act on if you have to wait a week for it. 
If you love Ethereum as much as the CRN does, you know you can’t afford to wait. Visit us daily if you want to make the most of your Ethereum holdings.  Our team check, verify and scan all news for relevance, truth and quality so that all our  ETH-related content is fresh and exciting.  You won’t find boring ‘generic’ speculation here, only the very best in Ethereum news today, tomorrow and always!