Friday, August 23, 2019
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Get More With Our Exclusive News About Monero!

Monero news? Where is it? Exactly, we were wondering that too.  Monero is insanely popular in Italy and southern Europe.  Why is it not more popular in the US? Who knows.  It should be.
No serious cryptocurrency news site would be complete without dedicated updates on Monero, and we go one better with EXCLUSIVE Monero news that might pique your interest in this niche coin.
Monero matters; it might seem irrelevant, but it’s movements in Europe affect the global cryptocurrency market.  As an emerging coin, Monero should grab your interest. It’s affordable, reputable and has garnered niche popularity in a country that has impact on the world stage.  Honestly, Monero is boring to some, but this dark horse is going places.  But it now and inside of 18 months you will see a large ROI. This is because it could become Italy’s dual currency!  Italian finance experts have been researching the feasibility of adopting Monero as the official online currency of Italy.
You read that right.  Monero could, in a matter of months,win serious recognition and endorsement as a parallel coin to fiat currency, in Italy.  And from there, doubtless it will expand.  Turkish crypto investors also lean heavily towards Monero.
With this in mind we wonder how Monero isn’t getting more airtime in the US!  Could it be an oversight? Globalization is coming, whether or not America recognizes it, and it’s benefits.  Could it be Americans don’t want to give up their super status and be one of the crowd?  With Monero likely to pay off bigtime in the future, you can’t ignore this coin for long.  We have the best, relevant Monero news you will find outside of Italy – stay tuned!