Friday, August 23, 2019
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Newest News About Neo

Non-profit community coin NEO is exploding right now! Neo News is sought after and as such, there’s a lot of attention grabbing filler content seeking to fool NEO coin traders.

NEO is the coin of the people; much like the protagonist Neo in the Matrix Franchise, NEO coin is intended to place cryptocurrency power in the hands of the ordinary citizen; waking them up to the inetrnet, virtual world and potential that emerging online markets hold.

By waking up more people to the relevance of the online world, and eCommerce, NEO is a true ‘Robin Hood’ coin that levels the divide between the elite, and the masses. If everyone knew what crypto was and how it could benefit them in their daily lives, then suddenly there would be a demand for more crossover between the online world and ‘real life’.

….Just like in the Matrix movies.

NEO coin has the potential to close the poverty gap; poor Americans don’t care for the online world or eCommerce. If they did…it would be a revolution. Poverty is expensive and the internet is the easiest way to source all things cheaper and faster. NEO coin is a revolutionary coin, and will make you money over the intermediate term. Buy now, it’s rising FAST.

So, visit us daily at CryptoRisingNews, where our dedicated team curate the best in useful, exclusive and content-rich NEO news, so that you can stay ahead of the idle rumors.