Friday, August 23, 2019
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Breaking News on Ripple (XRP)

Good Ripple(XRP) coin news is hard to find – you will find a lot of the same content but little that’s new and exciting, and true. Well, CryptoRisingNews aims to break that chain, so that Ripple fans can come to us every day and stay ahead with solid, breaking news content on all aspects of Ripple. Ripple makes waves as a ‘cult’ coin, but finally those waves are breaking into the wider domain and Ripple is getting noticed by serious finance. That’s good news for anyone who bought up XRP at launch because over the next few years, Ripple can expect similar growth to BTC, except at a sustainable rate.
Behind-the-scenes intel on Ripple shows that many big name online services are working together to create a foundation for Ripple to succeed as a serious currency.  In particular it’s becoming linked with the independent online content creation community, particularly music creation and also it’s getting big among freelance graphic designers.  Make of this what you will, but if Ripple IS the glue that’s binding the indie music scene, it will gain serious value and traction in the near future. Invest in Ripple, and you are investing in young people, creativity, independance, freedom and the beginnings of augmented reality’s first communities.  Isn’t that exciting? It’s beyond big. 
Why Ripple? Who knows for sure.  It’s inherent flexibility and cult status plays in to it’s popularity, for sure.  In any case, XRP should always be a part of a coin investors portfolio as it has held value consistently over time and beaten many fiat currencies.  It’s no minority coin.  Ripple’s staying power is buildable and will never lose you money.  It’s one of the most secure coins out there. 
It’s often neglected among coin chatter despite all this, and what ‘news’ does make the rounds is often vague or irrelevant.  CRN will change that with Ripple(XRP) coin news to make you sit up and take note.